Veterinary Doctors
  1. What’s the verification process?
  2. We have a short but stringent onboarding process(Verification process). The process comprises:-

    1. Introductory call about online consultation on Petzapp.
    2. Call with our Cheif veterinarian.
    3. Document verification.
    4. Training and testing of App.

    Documents to be submitted: Education certificates, VCI ID registration certificate and Hospital ID proof or Clinical registration certificate.

  3. Do I have to pay anything to practice through Petzapp?
  4. No, we do not charge anything to practise on Petzapp. You’ll be paid for each consultation you do on Petzapp.

  5. I have created the doctor profile what is next?
  6. Once you have registered yourself as a veterinary doctor on “Petzapp partner app” and verification is completed, you are ready to consult online.

    Once a consultation request is received, the doctor will be selected by the system according to the specialisation, areas of interest entered by you, and to those veterinary doctors who have kept the status as "Online".

  7. What does the online status mean?
  8. In the partner app, you can make your status online and away. When you are ready to consult, you can switch your status to online to start getting consultation requests.

    Remember not to keep your status as online when you cannot respond to consult requests since you will automatically start getting consult requests allocated.

  9. What if I am not able to respond to the consultation request in time?
  10. We encourage you to respond to the consultation request allocated to you immediately using the Petzapp partner app.

    If you are unable to take up the consultation, change your availability status to "Away" as soon as possible and remember to keep the status as 'Away' when you’re not available.

  11. Is there any particular time for me to consult?
  12. No, if you are available you can practice 24/7. You can make your status "online" and then you will start getting consultation requests.

  13. When can I get my consultation settlement?
  14. The payout will happen on a 15-day basis. However, you can raise a request for early payouts.

  15. Do I need a clinic to practice with petzapp?
  16. No, you don’t need a clinic to practice through petzapp, however, you should be a veterinarian who is currently practising at any clinic or a hospital and with 5+ years of experience and should have the approval of the veterinary council of India.

  17. How can I refer a friend who is a vet?
  18. You can invite a friend who is a veterinary doctor to practice on Petzapp. Lets together make life easy for pet parents around the world.