My pets

  1. What is "My pets"?
  2. "My pets" is a tool which helps you make your pet parenting easier. Use My pets to store your pet's information which will be visible only to you. Get reminders on your pet's schedules for vaccination, deworming etc.

  3. Who can see the certificates and images uploaded in "My pets"?
  4. The information you upload in My pets will be visible only to you. This is to ensure that your pet's information remains confidential. However, you can share details with users of your preference.

  5. How can "My pets" help me as a pet parent?
  6. Schedules in My pets remind you of vaccination dates, timely grooming of your pet, deworming reminders, and much more. It keeps the certificates and registration details safe. Also, relive memories through photographs by saving pictures in the gallery from the time of adoption.


  1. How can I get my listing verified?
  2. Every ad listing posted has to be in compliance with the listing guidelines of Petzapp. Provide complete and authentic information. The verification process may take 24 hours or more. Post a clear image and make sure it is in compliance with the Photo guidelines. Write to if you have any queries.

  3. How do I post a listing?
  4. It's very easy. You click on the "Sell" button in the home page and follow the steps as instructed. Determine the value of the animal you are planning to sell and provide accurate information of your pet.

  5. How can I get more queries?
    1. Write pet details such as title/description and ensure you provide complete and authentic information.
    2. Always upload a clear image of the animal properly. Please make sure that the image is original.
    3. Be rational with the pricing. It should reflect the market value of the pet/animal.
  6. Do I have to pay to post a listing in petzapp?
  7. First 10 listings in the Petzapp will be free and all listings are subject to the Terms of Use and Prohibited Items Policy.


  1. Why do I have to register to contact a seller?
  2. You will not be able to reach a seller unless you're logged into Petzapp. Everyone must have a profile for security reasons. Only users who are 18 years or more can find pets using Petzapp. Once logged in, you can choose any seller you like from the listings and start a Chat or Make a call right away.

  3. How do I find pets from another location?
  4. The mobile application automatically picks up your current location when you have enabled the app to read the location in your phone's settings. You will be able to see listings in your location under "Find a pet". To see results from another location, you can tap on the location under your name in the home screen and manually search as per your preference.

  5. How do I ensure I am getting a healthy pet?
    1. Do not make any financial commitments before you see the pet/animal physically. Ensure you are getting what the seller promised in case you are doing an online purchase.
    2. Take the help of a Veterinary Doctor.
    3. Insist for a copy of the registration certificate, if the pet owner claims so.
    4. Always insist and execute a proper agreement signed by both parties involved which will help in case of any dispute.
    5. Never commit yourself just based on an electronic message or chat through any other social media.

For Veterinarians

  1. What's the verification process?
  2. We have a strict but smooth onboarding process(Verification process). The process comprises of:

    1. Introductory call about online consultation on Petzapp.
    2. Call with our Chief veterinarian.
    3. Document verification.
    4. Training and testing of Petzapp partner mobile application.
    5. Submission of documents (Educational qualification certificates, VCI ID registration certificate and Hospital ID proof or clinical registration certificate).
  3. Do I have to pay to practice through Petzapp?
  4. No, we do not charge to practice on Petzapp. You'll be paid for each consultation done on Petzapp.

  5. I have completed the registration, what is next?
  6. Once you have registered yourself as a veterinary doctor on "Petzapp partner app" and verification is completed, you are ready to consult online. Once a consultation request is received, our system will automatically select a doctor according to the specialization, areas of interest (entered by you) and those who have kept their status as "Online".

  7. What does the online status mean?
  8. In the partner app, you can either keep your status online or away. When you are ready for consultation you can switch your status to online and start getting consultation requests. Remember not to keep your status "online" when you cannot respond to consultation requests since you will automatically start getting consultation requests assigned to you

  9. What if I am not able to respond to the consultation request in time?
  10. We encourage you to respond to the consultation request allocated to you immediately using the Petzapp partner app. If you are unable to take up the consultation, change your availability status to "Away" at the earliest. Also, keep your status as 'Away' when you're not available.

  11. Is there any particular time for me to consult?
  12. No. If you are available, you can practice as per your convenience. To start getting consultation requests, change your status to "online".

  13. When can I get my consultation settlement?
  14. The payout will be carried out on a 15-day basis. However, you can raise a request for early payouts which is subjected to terms and conditions.

  15. Do I need a clinic to practice with Petzapp?
  16. No, you don't need a clinic to practice through Petzapp. However, you should be a veterinarian who is currently practising at any clinic or a hospital, with 5+ years of experience and should have the approval of the Veterinary Council of India.

For Consumers Availing Veterinary Services

  1. How can I make use of Vet consultation in Petzapp?
  2. Petzapp helps pet parents to consult with expert veterinarians with 5+ Years of experience. Chat or connect with veterinary experts from anywhere you want. You can consult over voice calls, attach images of your pet’s affected area, or of the prescriptions and reports. However, we don't recommend using Petzapp for emergency medical care. Rather go to the veterinary clinic in case of emergency.

  3. How do I consult a Vet in Petzapp?
  4. Tap on "Veterinarian" in the home screen and select "Talk to a doctor" to initiate your consultation session. Select the profile of the pet with Health concern from "My Pets". If you haven't created a profile for the pet, you can create a new profile. Then select the " Health issue" to consult a vet specializing in that field. Describe the health issue in brief, to find the best vet for your pet.

  5. Why do I have to create a "My Pets" profile for my pet to consult a doctor?
  6. "My Pets" profile makes vet consultation easier for both the pet parent and the veterinary doctor. "My pets" allows you to share necessary information about the pet for the vet. Vet consultation history will be saved in "My Pets" which will be useful for future references.

  7. What is the consultation charge?
  8. When you consult a vet online, the consultation fee is much more reasonable than the average rates of a vet clinic. Also, you save on travel and pet transportation expenses. The consultation charge depends upon the experience and expertise of the doctor.

  9. How can I follow-up on a vet consultation to discuss the health status of my pet with the same doctor?
  10. You can find the consultations you had with vet doctors under recent consultations and My Pets. Tap on the consultation which you wish to follow-up and then tap "Follow up" to start chatting with the vet.

For Pet Care Services Providers

  1. How do I list my services?
  2. Download the Petzapp partner app from the play store or app store. Then select the service category and follow the steps as per the instructions.

  3. How long will it take to verify my profile?
  4. Usually, verification takes 4-5 working days depending upon your city. The verification process includes physical verification of the grooming centre and/or certificates and licence verification, background check etc. Kindly cooperate with us until we have you on board.

  5. WHow do I improve the chances of getting more bookings?
  6. Set the best price for the service you provide to attract more customers. Always provide top of the line quality services. Extend offers according to the demand in the market.

  7. How do I accept or reject a booking?
  8. Once a customer books a service, you will get a notification in the Petzapp partner application. According to the availability of slots, you can register your response. Once the booking is confirmed through Petzapp, the booking information will be provided along with a QR code.

  9. When and how will I be paid?
  10. The payouts will be done once in 15 days after deducting the taxes and service charges. A cancelled check and your bank account details will have to be provided in order to process your transactions.

  11. Can I cancel a booking which is already confirmed?
  12. Cancellation from service providers end will not be entertained as it would cause losses for Petzapp as well as the pet parent. Repeated cancellation of confirmed bookings will be investigated and necessary action will be taken against the service provider.

For Consumers of Pet Care Services

  1. How does petzapp work?
  2. Petzapp is the perfect solution for your pet care needs. Choose from top class pet service providers in your city based on their ratings and costs of the service provided. The service providers are maintaining Petzapp quality standards in their service, equipment, infrastructure and other criteria.

  3. How do I make a booking for pet services?
  4. Tap on the pet service category which you're looking for. Select from the available list of service providers in your locality. Ratings and reviews, pet service rates, location of the service provider will be displayed along with each service provider listing. Select the pet’s profile which you're booking the service for and the final step is to select the date and time in which you are looking to avail the service. Once the service provider accepts the service request, you will be notified to complete the payment to confirm the order.

  5. Can I trust the service providers?
  6. Absolutely yes. The service providers are onboarded to Petzapp after a stringent quality and skill verification process. They qualify Petzapp's quality standards which will help your pet avail the best services from experts who knows to handle them properly.

  7. Where do I find the contact information?
  8. The contact information of your service provider will be shared with you along with the booking confirmation via e-mail and SMS. Contact Petzapp's helpline in case of any queries, who will be delighted to help you.

  9. What if I have to cancel a confirmed booking?
  10. To cancel a confirmed booking you can go to your schedules and cancel the booking and the fees paid will be refunded in full if the cancellation is done 48 hours before the booking date. You will be entitled to receive a refund of 70% of the amount paid if you cancel the service 24 hours before the booking date and if you cancel a booking on the same day, you will be refunded 50% of the amount you’ve paid.

  11. What happens if the service provider cancels a booking?
  12. If the service provider cancels a confirmed booking, the fee collected from the user will be refunded in full.

For Shopping Vendors

  1. Why should I list Pet products in Petzapp?
  2. Petzapp is soon to be a favourite place for Pet parents' and animal lovers'. With maximum online presence among pet lovers, and the lowest cost of doing business, Petzapp helps your product reach maximum target audience in a short span.

  3. Who can sell on Petzapp?
  4. To sell new products you should have:

    1. GSTIN
    2. Cancelled Cheque
    3. Sample Signatures
  5. How do I sell on Petzapp?
  6. Download "Petzapp partner app" from play store and register as a product vendor to start selling products through Petzapp. You can list any pet-related product in the app. List your products under the specific category and mention the details of the product accurately along with pictures of the product.

  7. Will I get charged to list on Petzapp?
  8. No. Listings of pet/ animal products is a free service. You only pay a small commission for the products sold through petzapp.

  9. What are the products I can sell through Petzapp?
  10. Petzapp allows you to sell any product which is useful for pets and animals. From aquarium products, dog food and accessories to farm animal accessories, anything a pet or animal needs can be listed on Petzapp.

  11. When can I start selling?
  12. Once you submit all the required documents, our team will verify the details provided. After verification, your seller profile will be approved. You can start selling when you are a verified seller.

  13. When will I get paid?
  14. After your order is successfully delivered, Petzapp will settle your payment within 7-15 business days directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions.

For Shoppers

  1. How many days after I buy a product can I return it?
  2. It varies according to the product/seller. Please take a note of the product description to understand the return policy.

  3. What if I receive damaged goods / expired products?
  4. You can return and get your product replaced or you will be refunded the entire amount you paid for the order.

  5. Can I cancel my online order?
  6. Yes, you may go to "My Orders" and select the order you want to cancel. Select the checkbox next to each item you want to remove from the order. To cancel the entire order, select all of the items. Select Cancel checked items when finished. After cancellation of the order, we'll send you a confirmation to the email address registered on your Petzapp account.